What do I get with a MyHeritage Premium Plus plan?

Get the best MyHeritage has to offer for your family site. A Premium Plus family site subscription gives you the ultimate boost to your family site as well as many special features available only to Premium Plus members.

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When you upgrade one of your family sites to a MyHeritage Premium Plus family site subscription you get:

* Unlimited number of people to grow your family tree.
* Unlimited storage for family photos, videos, and documents.
* Priority email support to get answers quickly.
* Family Tree Builder Premium –  Smart Match Merge, All-in-one chart and interactive maps.
* Special features like Timeline and Timebook.
* Enhanced Smart Matching – confirm and reject matches, contact Site Manager, automatic merge.
* Premium Record Matching to find exciting historical discoveries.
* Access to the MyHeritage collections in SuperSearch to boost your research.

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To upgrade your site, please see: How do I upgrade my family site subscription?

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