How do I unlock the Premium features in Family Tree Builder?

In order to unlock the Premium features in Family Tree Builder, you must register the program with the email address you were logged in with when you purchased the upgrade.

In order to check which email address is currently registered in Family Tree Builder, open the program and click on Sync (Publishing) > My Sites.

When you have registered the program and unlocked the Premium features you will see “Premium” in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Please note: if you sync your family tree with a family site which is not Premium or PremiumPlus, you may be prompted to upgrade again EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY A PREMIUM MEMBER. Please make sure you are syncing you tree with the correct site by reading this FAQ article:  How do I make sure that I am syncing my tree with the correct site?

In Family Tree Builder Premium features include:

Using our maps, you can explore your family’s origins, gain a better knowledge of your family, and enjoy all the benefits below:

- Fix place names according to smart suggestions we provide and improve your data
- Map your entire family tree, or any portion of it, or just one individual
- Map birth places, places of residence, other particular facts, or all facts
- See all people, events and photos associated with any particular country or place
- See all places of importance in any person’s life, and trace immigration patterns
- Find any place in any language on the map

Smart Match Merge:
MyHeritage helps you find new relatives in our database of millions of names. You can now easily merge information from any matched family tree into your very own. You can specify exactly what information to import, of course, including photos.

All-in-one charts:
A powerful tool for seeing the big picture in your family tree. This new chart contains all relatives of a person, not just direct ancestors or descendants. Print it as a huge poster of the family tree or email it to your family.

Slide shows and screen saver
You can also view slide shows of any photo album that you create or for all photos. In addition, Family Tree Builder now comes with a Screen Saver that shows this slide show for any or all of these albums.

In order to take advantage of these features, download and purchase Family Tree Builder today. You can download the latest version of Family Tree Builder here.

If you purchase Family Tree Builder Premium you will receive an upgraded family site with extra storage space and premium technical support for FREE.

**If you have previously purchased a family site subscription, you can take advantage of Family Tree Builder’s advanced features right now. Simply download and install Family Tree Builder and log in to the program using your registered webmaster email address.

You will be recognized as a Premium customer and Family Tree Builder’s complete range of features will become available to you automatically.

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