If I have Family Tree Builder, why can’t I edit my tree online?

In previous versions of Family Tree Builder software, only the site manager could publish a tree to the website. After publishing a tree from Family Tree Builder to the family site, all changes made on the software were shown on the website. The tree on the site was ‘read only’ and only the site manager could edit the tree details, using the software.

Now with Family Tree Builder 7.0, the sync option allows you to edit your tree from both the software and from the online family site (as well as through the mobile app!). Wherever you edit your tree, it will be synced with your website and Family Tree Builder software.

You can choose to edit the tree online by yourself, or with your site managers, and site members. By default, trees that were synced from Family Tree Builder  to a family site can be edited online by the original site creator only, and it will remain read-only for other site members.

If you would like to have a family tree that all of your site managers, or that all of your site members can edit online, please see the following article: Can my Family Tree Builder tree be edited online?

If your tree was published to the site using older versions of Family Tree Builder, you can download the new version here:

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