How do I replace a photo that appears in a person’s card in the tree in Family Tree Builder?

If you build your family tree online, please read the following article: How do I change the photo appearing in a person’s card in my online tree?

Here are the steps to replace a Personal Photo (the thumbnail face shot that shows on the genealogy card in Tree View in Family Tree Builder) with a new one.

1. Go to the genealogy card of the person who already has a personal photo that you would like to replace a photo for. Click on the ‘Photos’ button in the lower right hand corner of the card.

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2. A new screen will appear showing all the photos that are associated with the individual. If there are already photos associated with this individual, select the photo you want to use and click ‘Edit’.

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If you would like to use a picture that you haven’t added at all yet, choose ‘New’ and add it. On the last step you’ll be asked if you want to associate the photo with this person and if you want to edit it now. Check those options, and the edit window will open automatically.

3. Next, find the Associations tab. Here is where you define the personal photo for an individual. Click on the person’s name – this will activate the marking tool.

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4. Personal photo = blue box. Associated-only photo = red box. Click the personal photo button and proceed to mark the face of the individual.

5. Click ‘OK’ and we’re done! Go back to Tree View to make sure you centered the photo well. Then Save your project!

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