How do I add step-children in Family Tree Builder?

If you edit your tree online, please read the following article: How do I add step children to my online family tree?

In Family Tree Builder children are connected to a husband/wife family group. That means that when a new spouse of one of biological parents is added, the children of the former marriage stay with the former family group and are not shown as belonging to the family group which is made up of the new husband/wife.

There can be several cases you would like to add children as adopted or step children in your tree:

  1. One of its parents has a new spouse, who is now a step-parent of the child.
  2. Child has new adopting parents (non-related to its biological parents or relatives of the biological parents).
  3. Child has adopting parents (while biological parents are unknown).

To show children as step-children of a new spouse of one of the biological parents, please take steps described in the following example:

Mother and Father A are biological parents of a child:

1-19-2014 2-01-07 PM - Testing Web Site

If Mother has a new spouse, whom you want to add as step-father (Father B), you first should show a divorce/separation of Father A from the mother. Use the following article to learn how to do that:

How do I add a divorce in my Family Tree Builder tree?

Then you can add a new spouse (Father B) to the Mother:

How do I add more than one partner in my Family Tree Builder tree?

Once you added a new spouse to the Mother, the child will still be attached to its biological parents’ family group. In order to show ‘Father B’ as child’s step-father, you need to attach the child to the new family group ‘Mother – Father B’ as a step-child.

To do so, please take the following actions:

1. Open child’s personal card, click ‘Edit’ > ‘Parents’ > ‘Attach Parents’.
Attach parents 1 - Testing Web Site

2. A pop-up window will appear, asking you what kind of relationship you would like to set for the child with original family group and the new family group.

Select ‘Existing parents are natural and new parents are adopting’.

Attach parents 2 - Testing Web Site

3. You will see the list of all family groups (couples) that you have in your project. Find ‘Mother and Father B’ family group and click ‘.

Attach parents 3 - Testing Web Site

Now Child will show up as a natural child of  ’Mother and Father A’ family group and as adopted child of ‘Mother and Father B’ family group

Once the tree is synced with your family site, you will see special icon on the child’s personal card, showing that this person appears twice in the tree on the site:

Child - Testing Web Site

If Father B and the Mother have an own biological child together you can simply add the child #2 to their family group.
Relationship 3 - Testing Web Site

If the Father B married another wife please divorce/separate him from Mother, and then you can add the new wife to Father B. Then you can add Child #2 as a stepchild for Father B and his new spouse, while Father B and Mother will still show up as its biological parents.

If you would like to add adopting parents to a child, please use the following FAQ: 

How can I add adopted children in Family Tree Builder?



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