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Earl Pearce
Janet Pritchard
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Hello once again. Searching for the late Earl Pearce and wife Elizabeth Pearce (nee Knight.) he was a potter from Bread Street  Bristol they both married on the 3/11/1768 at St. James Gloucester England, when he died in 1700 or thereabouts his wife Elizabeth ran the business, they had  11 children, Daniel baptised in 1769, Earl in 1771, Ann 1773, Sarah in 1775, Elizabeth in 1776, Elizabeth in 1778, Hannah in 1781, Hannah Chubb in 1782, Fanny in 1784, Colston in 1785, Martha in 1787. John Cantle Jnr. son of John Cantle and Dinah Cantle (nee Hall) later married Ann Pearce on the 8/7/1790 Bedminister St. Johns Church. Looking for this Family if anyone can help.
Janet Pritchard
South Grafton, Australia
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