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Winfield S. or William A. Buchanan of TN
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Looking for descendance of Winfield S. Buchanan b. 1861, daughter Jennie A. Buchanan-Edgar b. 1896, son William Allen Buchanan b.1899, grandfarther also named William Allen Buchanan who married Sarah Harriet Setzer in Caldwell county, NC  August 1855. Wm and Sarah moved to Hawkins county, TN abt. 1859.   Other childern of Winfield were Iaasc H., Drucilla, Mollie B. and  Iva M.Buchanan.  1900 US Census shows the family living in White Horn, Hawkins county, TN. 

My husband David, is the son of grandson of Jennie A. Buchanan-Edgar and Andrew "Judge" Edgar, they were married abt. 1913 in TN, then moved to Leona Mines, Va. and the son of Linnie Oral and Wilma Lewis-Edgar.

Jennie had four childern, Eugene, Clarence, Linnie and Clyde Edgar. She died shortly after Clyde was born, abt 1926-27 and is burried someplace in Hawkins county, TN. Jennie's mother Sarah B. ( maiden name unknown ) raised Clyde.

David's father was only 3 or 3 1/2 years old when Jennie died.  Friends and family of Jennie recounted to Linnie's wife Wilma how the little boy looked into the grave and told his Aunt Mollie " That's my mommy down there..."

Linnie passed Jan. 2002 and although he didn't know much about his mother, what he did know is now gone.  We have been searching for 13 years starting out with next to nothing. We are very close, but we still need help pulling the last few threads together.  We would appreciate very much hearing from anyone who may have information.  Please e-mail; mygrandmarose2002@yahoo.com

                              Thank you, Donna and Dave Edgar


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