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Looking for Opplis Family Tree, as well as Jansen/Jensen side/Peterson/Volk/Richardson
sherry opplis
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I have recently put on board what I know of the Opplis tree, that I have learned, I need help with it, to say the least. I also, need Jansen/Jensen side. Crystal Jensen is my cousin, and she has done so much, Peterson side, I have a lot of the Farm is in Ne.I am working with a cousin there. The Volk side is from John Volk, from Pa. The Burge side is from Lake County, Indiana. The Richardson side is from Gary, In, and Involves the Ran's side of the family also. I know some, but am willing to share what I know with those of you that can help me with what I don't know. Thanks

 Sherry Opplis /Shelpton/Richardson

sherry opplis
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