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Arrival and departure dates from the to UK to USA then return dates USA to UK.
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Hi There,   Looking for the arrival of WALTER F & MARGARET ELLIOT with family, believed to have alighted on Ellis Island!!!  They may have been travelling with his brother JOHN & ANN ELLIOT and family . JOHN stayed in the USA. buried in PITTSBURG C1883.  While WALTER , MARGARET & family returned to the UK,  WHEN !!!'  I have not been able to find any DEPARTUE DATES.  Would also appreciate arrival date .          


WALTER F ELLIOT   b Sept 1804 Hobkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland

MARGARET MINTO   b May  1803

only know child to me   JOHN T ELLIOT  b Dec 1829  East Fooerton Scotland,    [ believed to be more childen]  

                                                      m Feb 14 1867 Scotlland to May Elizabeth Blake

This is my only inform..  Hoping this will be enough.  It took me a while to get to America so looking forward to some help.  Cheers, Trish Bavich, West. Aust. Austrilia


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