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1920-1940 Road building/gold runs
karen corkery
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My grand-father was Clifford Charles Judd. He built roads and gold mine runs, with his partner Jim Leahy. Does anyone know anything about him. He lived with his wife Ethel, and daughter Denise in Rabaul,Watut, Lae, Wau. Clifford had a plantation in 1932 on New Ireland.? He and Jim built the Edie Creek and Surprise Creek roads.

Also my aunt Annie, was married to Harry Orton Townsend and also lived in PNG, till WW2 broke out! Any info. about him i would be very grateful. H.O. Townsend headed the commision in 1938, when Sir walter McNicoll was administrater, of the Manadated Territory.

karen corkery
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