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Since my grandfather's death in 2007, I have been trying to track down and trace my lineage. His birth name was William Peter Penner, Jr., son of William Peter Penner grandson of Peter Penner. We have been told by a private investigator he was from Prussia, and possibly royalty which I am very skeptic about. I have taken the Family Finder DNA, but it takes months to receive results. There are also tales of my lineage coming from Poland and Germany as well as being Jewish, where the family used Shekels for money. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my grandfather was my best friend. I am also willing to share any and all info I have to try and connect to my lost family. My grandfather was born in 1914, in Detroit, MI, along with several brothers and sisters.

Lester “Gus” Emerson Penner born in Michigan, 1905.

Catherine “Kitty” Amelia (Penner) Morgan, Wilburn Born in Michigan, 1910.

Marion Mildred Penner

Marjorie Ann Penner

His father, William Peter Penner was born in Michigan in 1878 and married Emma Katherine Miller in 1902, in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. She was born in Detroit, MI, the daughter of Matthias Miller, born in Detroit, MI and Ann Whitliff born in Germany. William Peter Penner died in 1935 in California. I also know some of my grandfather's brothers and sisters resided in Fremont, CA (San Francisco area).

William Peter Penner's father was Peter Penner, born in Germany. William's mother, Minnie (Marjorie) Baisloch was also born in Germany.

Emma Katherine Miller's parents were Mathias Miller, born in 1854 in Michigan, and her mother was Anne Whitliff, born in Germany in 1859.

Thank you for any and all help.


MMin Michael

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