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Michael H. Kelly
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Michael Henry Kelly B: May 1871 Carleton PEI.  I had a woman tell me his parents were Michael Kelly & Margaret Creighan, both born in Ireland.  Michel's grand parents were Michael Kelly and Mary McCandles also of Ireland.  I can't find any records.  So to avoid confusion, because the post was a bit confusing..Here it goes...

Michael Kelly married Mary McCandles.  They had 8 children and immigrated to PEI 1838.   1 of which was Michael who later married Margaret Creighan in PEI in est. 1865.  They had 5 children:  John, Ambrose, Henry, Elixabethand yes,, again, another Michael B: May 1871.  He moved to Somerville, MA.  I: 1889  Maried 30 Sept 1895 Annie J. O'Connell B: 12 Jan 1874....

Does anyone have any information for me?  Dates, a copy/paste of any documents?  I am stumped.  I must have gone to over 100 different sites.  Including free trials looking for info on Michael Kelly from PEI and back....


Thank you

Lisa (Kelly)




Lisa Kelly
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