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Searching for John Leroy Kaufman born in the 1920s
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The situation is Mr. Kaufman's marriage to Philena Palm was invalidated [or she divorced him] because of bigamy on the part of John.  He had at least one other wife if not two.  
I am not sure if she was the first wife or not.  If she was a divorce certificate should exist but from what I can find it does not. HOWEVER, she had to  legally change the name of her children from Kaufman to Palm her maiden name which she did.  That indicates she might have been the first wife.
 The man may have been from around Johnstown/Somerset area PA or from Winchester VA.  He did live in Winchester because she got her SS number while married to him and she got it from VA.  That was her only out of state residence.
The name on the marriage certificate was John Leroy Kaufman.  State not remembered by the person viewing it.  It could have been: PA/VA/MD/WV.  Any leads on that would be nice if anyone can find anything.  I do know it would again have been Winchester if it was in VA.   She also worked there for a short time.
He may have worked in the 30s as a barn painter or line painter on the roads.  He may have also had other employment but did this when things were slow.  As we know, the 30s was not a good time and you worked at what you could get.
The oldest was born in 1942 in Jan.  The youngest was born in 1944.  By 1944 she had returned to her parents poss due to pregnancy and military service on John's part.   The other wife showed up while the child born in 1944 was still not walking with that woman's child in tow.  A girl about the same age.  She may have also  had a boy or there was another wife with a boy.  The family isn't certain and yes they are my relations.  I'm not getting paid.
Any leads would be welcome. 
 I'm going in circles and hopefully they are on the 1940 census as man and wife because both Philena's children would like some answers as to who their ancestors are on John's side.
Philena refused to talk about it until she died so all this died with her.  The one thing I can say, the woman could hold a grudge.  The only things she said he spelled his name with one F and his middle name was Leroy because "IF I had known what he was like, I would have named my son after my father" along with "I think he's dead."  
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