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Margaret Needham of Canada - re Kildare & Longford Ireland - Needham Family
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Margaret needham daughter of Henry John Needham & Margaret Mary Needham nee Finlay. Henry ( Harry) born at Knockanally, Kilcock, County Kildare. Ireland. on February 22nd 1900 and Died in Buckinghamshire, U.K. on February 29th 1964 (Margaret Mary ( Peg ) Finlay her mother born at Ulicksmountain, Woodford, County Galway. Ireland & Lived for some time at Tobertynan, Trim. County Meath. Ireland. She emigrated to Buckinghamshire, England and died in Paignton, Devon. England on December 12th 1992. 

Margaret has a brother Ronald Needham, who resides in the U.K. I am Grandnephew of your father Henry John and your Paternal 1st Cousin once removed. My name is Roy Joseph Maxwell, my Mothers name was ( Elizabeth )

Lucy Grogan - Maxwell. i.e. Grandson & Daughter of Emily Jane Needham - Grogan. Henry John's parents were Robert Needham & Margaret St. John - Needham, Robert Needham born in County Longford &  Margaret

St. John born at Cartron Big, Corboy, County Longford. Ireland and her parents were John & Catherine St. John born in County Longford. Ireland.    

Siblings of: Henry John ( Harry) Needham

Emily Jane Needham Married: Christopher Grogan of Tirmoghan, Kildare. My maternal Grandfather who died 19th March 1919 - Aged 43 Yrs. Emily died at her home in Tiermohan, Dondea, Kilcock, on July 4th 1954 - Aged: 62 Yrs. 

Dorothy Alexandra ( Dora) ) Dolly ) Needham Married: William Frederick ( Bill ) Ireland. Her Maternal 1st Cousin i.e. their mothers were respectively Margaret St. John & Annie St. John. - Dolly died on October 5th 1982 - Aged 80 Yrs. at Navan General Hospital. - Bill Ireland died on April 27th 1975 at his home in Headfort, Kells. 

Robert Needham married: Christina Halligan. Robert died in Thurston Cottage, Thurston, Bury St. Edmund's on 22nd April 1972 - Aged 76 Yrs. and his wife Christina ( Ciss) died on November 18th 1984 - Aged 68 Yrs. in St. Lukes Hospital, Rathgar, Dublin and she had been living at home in Ireland for a few years with 2 of her brothers Namely Peter and Thomas Halligan at Cloncurry, Enfield, County Meath. She is interred in Cloncuryy Cemetery in the Parish of Kilcock. 

William Needham Married: Maura Nolan: William died on February 4th 1951 in Navan Genearal Hospital, County Meath. 

John Henry Needham: Died aged 21 Yrs. at his home in Knockanally. He was a serving member of the British Armed Forces. He had been repatriated by the army in the company of his sister Emily who had travelled to the U.K. to accompany him home.  

George Needham: Died in Dolly's House at Headfort, Kells County Meath. Ireland.on October 18th 1937 aged 28 Yrs.

Joseph Needham: Died at his home in Knockanally in 1907 aged 9 Yrs.

I have in my posssession photo's of you and your family taken at my Grandmothers house in Tiermohan. near Knockanally, County Kildare also at your home in England.

FINLAY FAMILY ( YOUR) GENEALOGY - Ulicksmountain, Woodford, County Galway. Ireland.- Taken from 1911 Census of Ireland. Newly posted. 

Finlay Francis:        Age 50 Yrs. - Farmer

Finlay Margaret:     Age 48 Yrs. - Wife

Finlay Patrick:        Age   8 Yrs. - Son

Finlay Mary Kate:    Age  6 Yrs. - Daughter

Finlay Terrance:     Age  4 Yrs. - Son

Finlay Margaret Mary

                          Age  2 Yrs. - Daughter - Your Mother.     

 Margaret responded by e.mail to many queries on the name Needham between the years 1999 & 2002

I would be pleased if Margaret would make contact. Roy. 



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