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Cox-Harban-Meister, Iowa
Jacqueline Cox
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* Looking for relatives related to Josiah Harban born in England 6-2-1861 (death 12-21-1945), immigrated to Iowa early 1880's

* Married Elizabeth Mary Meister (DOB 9-7-1871, death 9-17-1937) who immigrated to Iowa at age 10 with her family from Essen, Germany

Elizabeth had at least one sister, Clara Meister-Rimmer

* Ellen Harban Cox (their daughter) Married Alvin Cox in 1924 (marriage lasted one year) one son, Conrad Paul Cox born 11-29-1924, Conrad may have 1/2 siblings. Alvin Cox played around, drank & gambled, he died in TX in the 1980's.

Jacqueline Cox
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RE: Cox-Harban-Meister, Iowa
Martin Harban
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Hi Jacqueline 

My name is Martin Harban and I have just discovered the my heritage website with your request for relatives related to Josiah Harban.

My grandfather, George, was the younger brother of Josiah.  I am aware of the American side of the family through Ruth Beener(nee Traffley)and Ed, whom I met in 1976 whilst they were on holiday in England.  I am originally from Coventry Uk but now live in Australia(Perth in Western Australia).

I am married with two grown up children and five grandchildren.

I am interested in the family tree and would like to know more about  the US side.  I have a copy with some of the American relatives listed but it stops at Conrad Cox on your side of the family.

Would love to hear from you should you wish to follow up.

Very best wishes,



Martin Harban
Perth, Australia
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