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Sherer Dutchess County New York
Christopher Campbell
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In my researches I've found that what I've known as the Sherow family also was known as Sherer at different times. Seemingly they used the two names interchangeably, and the reason for this is not yet known.

But we see Sherer and Sherow buried side-by-side such as we see here in Pittsbury cemetery;


Here we see Benjamin Sherow and his third wife Harriet, his mother Elizabeth (wife of Benjamin Sherow), buried along with his brothers George Washington Sherow, Perry Sherer, David Sherer (not listed, he's entombed with his wife Mary), Mary Sherer, and Leander Sherer, his nephew. 

The father of Benjamin Sherow (the Elder) was George Sherer. His brother was also named George Sherer. 

Hopefully this helps someone break through their researches. You can find the tree here;



Christopher Campbell
Dade City, Florida
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