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Descendents of William and Sarah Raynor, Philadelphia,PA
Nancy J Raynor
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William Raynor was born in England to Rayner Raynor (1809) and Anne Roscoe Raynor (1811)

Their son William 12/28/1837 was born in England and they came to the USA in 1848, settling

in Philadelphia, Pa.  They had 9 children:  Anne Genevieve Raynor  4/24/1866, Willaim Craegmile Raynor 1868,

Jennie Bellhouse Raynor 1870, Rayner Raynor 2/2/1873, Hartley Raynor 6/12/1875, Sarah Elizabeth Raynor 9/20/1878,

Olive Raynor 1880, George William Millett Raynor 8/12/1882 and Martha Raynor 1/23/1886.

Please contact me if you are related to the above.

Nancy J Raynor
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