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Hack Family Search
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Looking for more information on the children and grand childrens down lines of Johanna Ulrich and Tobias Hack.
Johanna Ulrich was born on Dec. 9, 1849 in Liebling, Austra-Hungary and died on Nov. 11, 1891 in Liebling, Austra-Hungary.
She married Tobias Hack on Jul. 13, 1873 in Liebling, Austra-Hungary. Tobias, son of Johann Martin Hack and Maria Katharina Hausler, was born on Nov. 29, 1850 in Liebling, Austra-Hungary and died on an unknown date.
Children of Johanna Ulrich and Tobias Hack
i. Tobias Hack was born in 1880 in Liebling, Austra-Hungary.
Tobias Hack dob 20 Nov 1880 Married Magdolna Hoffmann
dob. 26 Aug 1882, Birda 36; d. 05 Apr 1958.
Hack Tobias married Magdolna 03 May 1903,
1. Hack Georg b. 30 Aug 1912, Birda, Hungary.
2. Tobias
3. Filip
ii. Margaretha Hack was born in 1884 in Liebling, Austra-Hungary.
iii.Maria Hack was born in 1887 in Liebling, Austra-Hungary.
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