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Searching for Father of Barbara Anne Cruse - Mother is Lorraine Cruse
Julie Walsh
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Looking for Father - Mother is Lorraine Cruse born Pittsworth Toowoomba, live Gold Coast Area.  Lorraine worked Gold Coast area cleaing and scaling fish about the year 1961, she would of been 15 at the time, this is where she met my father, they were not together long he was of Italian/Sicilan heritage ( darked skin) according to her. Loraine was 16 when she had me in Brisbane.  I was born prem on 26 February 1962 and put up for adoption. Her parents were Clara and Leonard Cruse,  she had one brother Nowell who was a year older. Lorraine married Don Newcombe 1963( he was  high up in the Table Tennis on the Gold Coast) they had 2 more sones, Donald and Roy.

Any lead is a good lead.

Julie Walsh
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