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Thomas Chatterton & Mary ann Swaine Family
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I am A desentend of Thomas Chatterton&Mary ann Swaine.Thomas was born1748 in Leicestershire ,England  he married Mary ann Swaine in Rye,Sessex,Eng, in 1766.they had Eward C b 3,26,1767,Mary C b 1768,Willam C b7,11,1770,John Swaine C b1773,they also raised a nephew of her'sThomas C. Eward Chatterton mMary Ann Delivs Thye had & kid'sMarianne C b 11,6,1806,Joseph Delives C b 7,26,1804,Susan(Susanna)C b 2,9,1806.Eward C II b3,28,1809,Ann C b 1,7,1815,John G. C b11,30,1819,Henry Delives C & he mMary ann Gasson in 3,1,1835.They had 12 Kid'sBut I will just tell you the one I'am a desented of Ebenezer Joshua C b 7,21,1848 he m Catherine Schryre in 8,5,1872they had ason named Eward James C he m Caroline mamie Routson they had ky Grandfarther Chester Berry C b1905,. So if any one can mash ther family with maine please Email me  at cadydid04@gmail.com or send me a message here at MyHeritage.com
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