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joseph mackay/mackey morgan and margaret fanny hine
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 joseph and margaret  appear on the 1911 census as living in cheshire in a boarding house with their 7 year old son, we have been  told by their son that they moved south ? plymouth? date. joseph would have been either a quatermaster or a master marniner by then and apparently went down with his ship circa 1917, his wife margaret is said to have died not long after, leaving thier son aged about 12  an orphan, who we think was brought up in a boarding school run by the jesuit preists in plymouth and during holidays boarded at a house in plymouth, joseph's father was william also a master mariner from groomsport ireland originally married ann chisholm mackay/mackey org from dublin in douglas i.o.m. settled in  poulton, wallasey cheshire, where their children were born, i think william died in cheshire and his wife in denbigshire wales. if anyone out there can tell me where joseph and margaret fanny died and if there is a grave i would be very grateful
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