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Thomas MOWAT (1793 - 1858) Orkney, Scotland
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Looking for any information on Thomas MOWAT & Margaret MOWAT (nee MORWICK) and family
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RE: Thomas MOWAT (1793 - 1858) Orkney, Scotland
Lori-Anne Malone
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This may be a coincidence, but I have some information and looking for other info on Mowat / Marwick from Kirkwall, Orkney Isles.

May be able to help each other but the lineage is an illusive "eel" that disappears and resurfaces with annoying frequency.  Some migrated to Winnipeg, MB as Selkirk Settlers, others with Hudson Bay. 

I haven't done any research in many years now as too frustrating, but can dig up what has been done (old computer crashed and disks misplaced or gone) in some dusty files from the basement.

It would be interesting to tie some family together!

Till our paths cross,


Lori-Anne Malone
Mission, Canada
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RE: Thomas MOWAT (1793 - 1858) Orkney, Scotland [2]
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Lori-Annne     . . . . is it really Annne?

I am certainly willing to share what I know if it can help . . . I am also frustrated by the dead ends . . . Can't find anything on Thomas & Margaret before their marriage in 1819 . . . Do you have dates of birth or names of children ?

What I know from records searched are that:

Thomas MOWAT & Margaret MORWICK were married on 02 DEC 1819 at Rousay And Egilshay, Orkney, Scotland

They had four children,

William MOWAT - Nov 19 1820 (Rousay and Eglishay, Orkney, Scotland) 

Robert MOWAT - Apr 25 1822 (Rousay and Eglishay, Orkney, Scotland)

Peter MOWAT - Aug 9 1825 (Rousay and Eglishay, Orkney, Scotland)

Betty MOWAT - Oct 21 1828 (Rousay and Eglishay, Orkney, Scotland)

Peter MOWAT & Ann SINCLAIR - married Nov 21 1951 (Kirkwall and St Ola, Orkney, Scotland)  . . . then travelled to Australia 1952 from were my family line continued. 

I am interested to know what information you have and if there is any link,  and how it is related.

I know there were severally links to Mowat/Marwick as Marwick appeared to be a commonly spelt name with an "a" and not a misspelling of Morwick spelt with an "o"

Although I found one referrence for my Margaret Morwick spelt with an "a"  . . . All other records found shows an "o"


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