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Joseph Efrium Young and Mary Frances Young (born Lynch)
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My mothers name was Nellie Manola Young. She was born in 1907 and died in 1978. I never met her parents and know almost nothing about them. Their names were Joseph Efrium Young and Mary Frances Lynch. Joseph was born 3/4/1874 and died 7/18/1941. Mary was born 7/12/1876 and died 5/30/1948. Also, I know they were married on 12/28/1892. I have looked them up on every geneaology search engine Ive found but nothing really comes up. I had one of my aunts write down this info on my grandparents before she died but she was pretty old when she did, so I dont know how reliable it is. I also think Marys parents were Wash Lynch and Sarah Cooper but I havent found any info on them either. If you are related to or have info on any of these people, please tell me.
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