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Who was my grandfather?
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Hi, I hope someone out there will be able to help me.

In trying to research my ancestors I keep running into a rather infuriating "brick wall". The problem is that there is no father mentioned on my mother's birthy certificate, and my mother never really talked about him other than to say that he was a deep sea diver {which, knowing her tendency to "embelish" the truth, may very well be completely untrue} and never ever even mentioned his name. The result of this is that I do not know who my maternal grandfather was, and as my mother passed away in 1983 and I know of no relatives who could help me in this, it seems that this proverbial brick wall might prove impossible to break down.

My mother's name was Elizabeth Violet Frances Nicholas and she was born on december 4th 2009 in St. Erth, Cornwall, England.

My grandmother was Margery Nicholas and she was born on march 26th 1872 also in St. Erth, Cornwall, England.

If there is anyone who could give me an idea who my grandfather was, or who could give me any suggestion on how, or where, I might find out, I would be very pleased to know.



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