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looking for my sister
Sidney Frank ELBRO
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my sister  is  called   Lucy Mabel Elbro  well that was  her maiden  name,  she may be married.    or  ev en  passed away.  

her  date of  birth   is 18th February 1940,  and  she  was  born  at  8B  Married Quarters, Marabout Bks. Dorchester Dorset England.

I don' t   have  much information on her,  as  my father  gave her away  to a friend of his  who  didnt  have  any children (yes  i know terrible )   and   on  finding  my mother after many years.   was 98yrs old  when i  found her,  she couldnt  remember the name of the family  Lucy was given to.   

So  if  anyone  knows  anything.  please e mail me   

Sidney Frank ELBRO
Plymouth, United Kingdom
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