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skornik dwojra poland nadarzyn
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       Humane Request We look for our sister Dwojra Skórnik who was lost in World War II. My father, Szyja-Moszek Skórnik was born in Nadarzyn in 1908 and died in 1984.Before my father died he told us that his first wife was killed by the Nazis, but he gave his daughter to a Polish family in a farm and when he came back from the war he didn't find her.After many efforts we found her birth document. Her name is Dwojra Skórnik, she was born in 20.03.1935 , in Pruszków, Poland. Her mother's name was Toba Skórnik (Hofman from home). This is a humane request for information- We are two brothers Marek and Leon Skornik, living in Israel- we hope that our sister may still be alive. She should be about 73 years old. And maybe she has a family. We hope that she was adopted when she was 4-5 years old, and maybe she lives near Pruszków, Nadarzyn or Warszawa. I attach Dwojra Skórnik's birth certificate, along with mine and my father's certificates. Please help us find out any information you have about her.Thank you in advance,Marek SkurnikBar Yohai 10Ramat HaSharon  47292Israel e-mail:  skurnik7@zahav.net.il
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