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Family Pages: your family's online meeting place

Family Pages are personalized web sites designed to help families stay in touch, celebrate birthdays, share photos, and explore and preserve their family history. All it takes is for one family member to create Family Pages on, and invite other members of the family to join. All members are allowed and encouraged to contribute. It's a great way to bring families together!
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On Family Pages YOU can:

Create a web site for your family.
No technical experience is necessary. Anyone can do it.

Make your site private or public.
Private means only members that you invite can access it. Public means opening your site for the whole world to visit and enjoy. You choose.

Build your family tree and share it online.
Treasure your family heritage and present it online! Showcase your family tree on your site with attractive visual reports. If you're a professional genealogist you can upload your GEDCOM file; if you're a family history beginner you can download our free Family Tree Builder and use it to put together your family tree and publish it online to your family site in one click. Every family member visiting your site will see a personalized version of the family tree tailored for him or her, showing them visually how they are related to any other person appearing in the family tree or in any of the family photos.

Share photos and videos.
This is not just another photo sharing site. Our groundbreaking face recognition technology lets you organize your photos automatically and tie your photos to individuals in your family tree. Then the fun starts… You can automatically find more photos of your family members or your ancestors that other users have uploaded. You can finally discover the identity of unknown people in old family photos. You can even find other people around the globe who look exactly like you. is great for historic family photos. All photos are searchable, and even comments made by other users on photos can be searched. If a photo has a dedication on its reverse side you can insert it too. If a photo is in poor condition, use our professional photo restoration services to bring it back to prime. There is no other Website on the Internet that can match the sophisticated online photo handling on

Organize family events.
On your family site, you get a full-featured online calendar which can automatically read all important family events from your family tree (if you've got one) so you won't have to enter any birthday or anniversary yourself - and you and your family members will never miss an important family event again. It's probably the most beautiful calendar you've seen to date and there are even pictures of family members next to each event.

Enjoy exciting family-oriented applications.
Family news - so you and your family members can keep on top of all that is happening in the family; Private message boards - for holding family discussions; Recipes for sharing and treasuring the family's unique dishes; Polls for gathering quick opinions on any topic; Links for sharing useful sites; Member address book - for contacting any family member quickly; and much more.

New family applications are coming up.
Advanced medical history, for sharing medical information securely within the family and keeping track of genetic disorders; Blogs for making yourself heard; and more.

Enjoy our vibrant community.
You can keep in touch not just with your family members on your own site, but explore the rich community and find other members who share your interests (or look exactly like your favorite celebrity that you've had a crush on since high school). You can visit other family sites that are public, explore and search through millions of photos uploaded by other users (especially interesting old historic photographs) and run searches across all public family trees uploaded to

Upgrade your site.
You can create as many Web sites as you like. Each site has a subscription plan. Basic plans are absolutely free. But if you want to supercharge your site with more storage, more members, larger family trees and more features, go premium with our Premium or PremiumPlus plans. Only one family member needs to subscribe the site, all other site members enjoy the site for free.

Create your site today.
Use the positive side of the Internet to keep in touch with the people you know and love. If you care about your family, is the place for you.

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