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face recognition technology to personal photos and family history;
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How it works

Users create sites on for their family and friends and upload their photos to these sites, and optionally also their family trees

Photos can be shared privately with family members or made public. The Media Center is where searches can be made across public photos contributed by other users automatically detects faces in uploaded photos, saving the effort needed to mark faces manually (though that is supported too) can be taught by associating faces with names, or with people from family trees. There are batch tools to simplify this. There is no need to download and install any software, it's all done on the Web automatically learns from every new face it is taught, so after a few examples it will recognize all your family and friends. It can be set to auto-tag faces recognized in high probability

Associating faces with family trees is great fun. After doing so your family and children can click any face in any photo to see all photos of that person, or the family tree of that person, or their own family relationship with that person has sophisticated algorithms that facilitate the use of face recognition for genealogy: it recognizes faces in different stages of peoples' lives and uses additional photo meta-data such as dates and places to improve the accuracy of face recognition face recognition identifies people throughout different ages 
What a difference
a face makes

Benefits for genealogy builds up a worldwide repository of faces with a special focus on historic photos and genealogy

Privacy settings control whether faces in your photos can be searched by other users

You can upload your family's elusive old photos that no-one in your family knows who is in them and let try to recognize these people. If some other member on contributed another photo with one of your mystery people, will make the facial connection, show you the similar faces and allow you to get in touch with people who submitted photos relevant to you

You can search for your ancestors in photos submitted by all other users. Who knows what you might find: an unknown photo of your grandfather in his youth? The childhood friends of your great-grandmother? Discover people who look just like you on the other side of their planet. Your lost family relatives? Perhaps!