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Trant, Trent
Sometime before 1673, Henry Trent arrived in Virginia where he raised a family in Henrico County, Virginia. By 1700, William Trent, founder of Trenton, New Jersey, had arrived in Pennsylvania. The goal of this Trent Family Project is to identify and compile separate families of these early Trent ancestors through DNA testing as well as traditional genealogical methodology. The purpose of this effort is to help families find their branches and work together to find their common heritage. It is also of interest to establish whether the family of Henry Trent was related to the New Jersey Trent family. Please visit our website!
Welcome to our Trent surname Y-DNA project! This project was established to create a growing databank of DNA profiles of Trent lineages to aid in genealogical research. DNA analysis assists in supporting or refuting the premise that participants descend from a common ancestor. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) will be testing the Y-Chromosome for genetic matches between males. Results are placed in FTDNA's Y-DNA database. Their lab tests the Y-Chromosome which is passed down through an unbroken male lineage (father to son to son, etc.), so you must be a male with the Trent surname, or the biological son of a father with the Trent surname in order to participate. For a female to determine her paternal ancestry, she must use the Y-Chromosome of a male on her father's side - her brother, father, father's brother, grandfather, etc.

Place your cursor over the topics at the top of the page to navigate this website. The "Results" tab will take you to the pedigrees of the DNA participants. These results are headed by the kit number of each participant. The "Y Results" tab will take you to a chart of the project results, showing the Y-DNA markers from each participant.

My name is Sharon Carter and I'm the volunteer Trent Group Administrator. I'm descended from Field Trent of Campbell/Patrick Co., VA and have been working on my Trent line for many years. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at
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