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Abakanowicz, Abczynski, Ablamowicz, Abzaltowski, Akajewicz, Badzynski, Balandowicz, Bankowski, Bardzinski, Bartoszewicz, Bejnart, Belgard, Benkiewicz, Beszewski, Beynarowicz, Bialopiotrowicz, Bialoskorski, Bielecki, Bielinski, Biernacki, Bilenski, Blaszkowski, Bleszczewski, Blozejewski, Bogowicz, Bogucki, Boguniewski, Boguslawski, Bolinski, Borek, Borzykowski, Borzyminski, Bowiczynski, Bram, Broszkowski, Bubel, Buczacki, Budziszewski, Bujnowski, Bukowski, Bulhakowski, Burdzinkiewicz, Buss, Bystrzejowski, Byszowski, Celinski, Chalecki, Choinski, Chojenski, Chorynski, Chorzewski, Chromecki, Cielinski, Cieslinski, Ciundziewicz, Czachorowski, Czachorski, Czarkowski, Czechowski, Czeladko, Czelej, Czerkawski, Czernik, Czestocki, Czeszaw, Czyrski, Dabrowski, Dembinski, Dloto, Doboszynski, Dobrzycki, Dokurn, Dolinski, Domaradzki, Dowejpo, Dowgialowicz, Dowsin, Dubiaka, Dudkowicz-Pradnicki, Dunikowski, Dupinski, Duszor, Duszota, Dworakowski, Dyrmont, Dzafarewicz, Ejgird, Falkiewicz, Gabryjalowicz, Gasztolt, Gembarzewski, Ginc, Girdwoyn, Girski, Godziszewski, Goglewicz, Golejewski, Goszczyc, Gotlib, Grocholski, Gromacki, Gronkiewicz, Habdaniec, Habdanski, Hadkowski, Hankiewicz, Haraburda, Harasimowicz, Harynek, Haubicki, Hejewski, Hinkowicz, Holowski, Hrydrygiewicz, Ilkowski, Iwanowicz, Iwaszkiewicz, Jakuszewski, Jalgoldowicz, Jambut, Janowski, Januszkowski, Jaszczolt, Jaszgiallo, Jazlowiecki, Jedlinski, Jerecki, Jozefowicz, Jugoszewski, Jurkowski, Kaczycki, Kanimir, Karsiecki, Karski, Kelcius, Kielcz, Klepacki, Klonowski, Kobylinski, Kocielski, Kodynski, Kolaczkowski, Kolpucewicz, Komorowski, Konarski, Koplewski, Koporski, Korewa, Korzecznicki, Korzenski, Kotarbski, Kowalczewski, Kowalski, Kozicki, Kozubski, Krobanowski, Krosniewski, Krzywinski, Krzyzankowski, Ksiaznicki, Kunicki, Kuninski, Kunowski, Kurzatkowski, Kusienicki, Kusminski, Lagiewnicki, Lasiecki, Lasinski, Lasota, Laszek, Lawecki, Lekarski, Leszczynski-Roy, Libnar, Lidzbinski, Lipski, Litwinowski, Lodwikowski, Lubianski, Lubiatowski, Lubnicki, Lubrycki, Luczek, Luter-Kesicki, Luzewski, Magnowski, Magnucki, Magnuski, Malarzowski, Malinowski, Malyszko, Marchilewicz, Maszkowski, Melbachowski, Mianowski, Michocki, Mieczychowski, Mieczykowski, Mielnicki, Mietelski, Mikolajewski, Milewski, Milkowski, Mingielewicz, Mleczkowski, Mlynkowski, Mniszkowski, Moczulski, Modestowicz, Molczenko, Monasterski, Mongialo, Muzyllo, Napruszewski, Narbut, Niedzwiecki, Obornicki, Oborski, Odechowski, Oporowski, Orlikowski, Osiecki, Ossowski, Oszczepalski, Pakoszek, Paliszewski, Paszkiewicz, Paszkowski, Pekoslawski, Petrykoski, Piastowski, Piczkowski, Pietka, Pietraszkiewicz, Piotraszewski, Piotruchowski, Piwko z Zastepowa, Pniowski, Polak, Pomorski, Porczynski, Probolewski, Pruslinski, Przemieniecki, Przezwicki, Przyborowski, Przybylski, Psarski, Pudliszkowski, Puklewicz, Putwinski, Radomyski, Radzanowski, Radziatkowski, Radziejowski, Rajkowski, Rasiewicz, Ratowski, Raymir, Razek, Razicki, Regowski, Rekowski, Renadzki, Rentfinski, Rewkuc, Rogowski, Rogozinski, Roguski, Rojewski, Rozbarski, Rzeczycki, Sadkowski, Salawa, Samplowski, Sawdarg, Sczyjenski, Sedzicz, Siwkowski, Skarbek, Skarbek z Czarnego, Skarbek-Abramowicz, Skarbek-Ankwicz z Poslawic, Skarbek-Bialobrzeski, Skarbek-Boguski, Skarbek-Borowski, Skarbek-Burzynski, Skarbek-Ceklinski, Skarbek-Cieklinski, Skarbek-Czelatycki, Skarbek-Dolinianski, Skarbek-Gorski, Skarbek-Hromyka, Skarbek-Kielczewski, Skarbek-Korzybski, Skarbek-Kossowski, Skarbek-Kozietulski, Skarbek-Krakowinski, Skarbek-Kruszewski, Skarbek-Krzykanski, Skarbek-Leszczynski, Skarbek-Lewikowski, Skarbek-Machowski, Skarbek-Malczewski, Skarbek-Michalowski, Skarbek-Milkinski, Skarbek-Ostrzewski, Skarbek-Posadowski, Skarbek-Puczniewski, Skarbek-Radonski, Skarbek-Rudzki, Skarbek-Slanka, Skarbek-Stefanowski, Skarbek-Suchodolski, Skarbek-Szacki, Skarbek-Telszewski, Skarbek-Tluchowski, Skarbek-Tworzyanski, Skarbek-Wazynski, Skarbek-Wiszowaty, Skarbek-Wolski, Skarbek-Woyczynski, Skarbek-Wyslawski, Skora z Gaju, Skoraszewski, Skub, Slaski, Sliz, Slomowski, Slomski, Slonczynski, Slumowski, Slupski, Slysz, Sniatkowski, Sochocki-Krupa, Sokulski, Starosielski, Starski, Stpiczynski, Sulnikowski, Swierczynski, Swirnowski, Swoszowski, Szczyglowicz, Szelew, Szepicha, Szlagier, Szpaczynski, Tafilowski, Toczycki, Toczylowski, Toczynski, Toczyski, Tolibowski, Traczewski, Trojan, Trojan-Piotrowski, Trzebinski, Tworowski, Ustarbowski, Walowski, Warakowski, Warszycki, Wasowski, Wat, Watraszewski, Wawelski, Werpowski, Widawski, Wielobycki, Wierciechowski, Wierzba, Wiserski, Wislobocki, Wodzinowski, Wojenkowski, Wojewodzki, Wojnicz, Wolczek, Wolyniecki, Wosczynski, Woydag, Wyhowski, z Blogi, z Brzozy, z Budziwojowic, Zagollowicz, Zakowicz, Zawadzki, Zbychalski, Zbytkont, Zedzicki, Zelantkowski, Zeronski, Zlotun, Zolledz, Zytynski, Zywillo
We invite to our Project all of you who believe they are descendants of the Awdancy and Skarbek clan in the former Kingdom of Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (families under the Abdank coat of arms). In addition, we also invite those who don't know much about their ancestors, but who have Y-DNA results which are close to the haplotypes represented by the members of the Project. After a closer look, they may discover that they share ancestors with us.
The Awdaniec Clan is one of the oldest clans in Poland historically associated with a Polish Knight. The legendary ancestor was Count Audoen (Audo), who arrived in the Kingdom of Poland in the beginning of the XI-th century from a currently unknown location. For many reasons historians do not question his Norman origin. During the last ten centuries about 400 nobility names in Poland were associated with the Awdaniec Clan and its Habdank (Abdank) coat of arms, with estates of these families located across almost the entire territory of the Kingdom of Poland, and later, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. About 60 knight families with the name Skarbek (often with an additional suffix), are most probably descendants in paternal line of Skarbimir - Count Palatinus (Viceroy) of the Kingdom of Poland (beginning of XII-th century). Skarbimir was well known from the first Polish chronicle by Gallus Anonimus (written about 1113-14). Skarbeks are recognized by historians as the main core of the Awdaniec Clan during the first five hundred years of its history. One of the theories considered today is that Audoen arrived in Poland accompanied by a group of knights, of whom some were his close relatives of Norman origin and some were not. The descendants of these knights, together with descendants of Audoen, formed the Awdaniec Clan and were treated as one clan.
Through the knowledge of the Y-chromosome of members of the clan we want to learn both about the internal inteconnections (branches and the time of branching) among families associated with the Habdank coat of arms, and about genetic relations to other knight clans in the Central-Eastern region of medieval Europe.
On April, 23rd 2008 both founders of the DNA Surname Project Skarbek-Awdaniec Dr Marek Skarbek Kozietulski (right) and Dr Hank Magnuski (left) have met in Palo Alto, California. See a photo: Photo Palo Alto
Norman Anglo-Saxon Polish Sub-clade I1a-P (Awdancy/Skarbeks) of the I1a Haplogroup - by Marek Skarbek Kozietulski - link: Y-DNA Report - June 16, 2008 - English version - link: Raport o Y-DNA Awdanców i Skarbków - 16 czerwca, 2008 - wersja polska yDNA Haplogroup I Subclade I1a - Link: yDNA Haplogroup I Subclade I1a Awdaniec Clan (in Polish) - Link: Awdaniec Clan
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