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Pardine, Pardon, Partain, Parten, Partin, Parting, Parton, Peartree
The administrator has researched Partons (various spellings)since Jan. 1977. She is most familiar with the descendants of John born possibly mid 1770s VA (entertainer Dolly Parton's line.) Although there are a lot of Partons (various spellings) in some areas, it is not one of the most common names in America. Many people of these spellings go back to the British Isles, but looking at the 1900 Census, it is apparent that their are people of other nationalities with these spellings. This site will be welcome to all lines. Please furnish me with your direct male Parton (various spellings) line to your farthest proven ancestor. Do not put anyone based on a legend or what grandma said. Only put the person if you have some dates and facts to go with it. Correspond with me if you have questions. I'm excited about the project and will be glad to have you as a member!
The administrator started researching the Parton family (various spellings) in January of 1977. She wants to solidify the family tree for her children and grandchildren and wants to help other Partons do that too.
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