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Please read this note before requesting a kit. The Jones surname is a worldwide name. We are inviting Jones males from all over the world to do the Y-dna test. We need new members to expand our own knowledge of where our ancestors lived and died. The 37 marker test is recommended since fewer markers will not provide sufficient evidence prove conventional genealogical research. If the cost is a determining factor, one can upgrade to 67 or 111 markers at a later date. When you decide to join the costs will be displayed for you. There is a Third Party Transfer option for those who tested with and others. There is also the Family Finder test (atdna) that will identify relatives within 5 to 7 generations. These matches can be totally different surnames with no obvious connections at first. Paper trails can help connect to other people through this test. Please include some background information about your most distant Jones ancestor with your join request since I will ask for it before sending the join code. I ask this of all new members so that we can better understand and recruit new members. Requests without any information at all will only receive a request for more information before being sent the code to join. New memberbs are important so that we can expand our own DNA base. A sub-project has started to establish the Y chromosome signature of Matthew Jones, ca.1643-1712 of Mulberry Island, Warwick Co., VA. and his relationship to other Jones lines. Thank you. Ronald O.Jones - Tennessee, Crockett County Tom Howland, Zak Jones - Aberdeen, Scotland
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