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Connolly, Hue, Hues, Humfraville, Humphrey, Humphreys, Humphreyville, Humphries, Morton, Omfroi, Onfroi, Onfroy, Peet, Pender, Roberts, Sutton, Thomas, Umfray, Umfreville, Umfrey, Umphrey
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Identify Humphrey family lines & relationships in America, Europe, & elsewhere. E.G., a 9th cousin's 37 marker results resolved a paternity question in descendants of Michael Humphrey, b. 1620, Lyme Regis. Several genetic clusters were successfully merged into family lineages by sharing genealogical data. We're tracking several immigrants to New England & Eastern states in the 1600's.

Historical, genealogical, & DNA evidence indicate several lines: I1 Anglo-Saxon & Norman Scandinavian, several R1b (Celtic, Norman, ...), R1a Swedish, & E3b (Mediterranean origin - descendants of Jonas Humphrey, 1565). Two R1b lineages intersected in common Welsh ancestry, 1700's. DNA results & ongoing research indicate common I1 ancestry of HUMPHREY, LILES, MORTON, SUTTON, & PEET ~(1100-1600), England & France.

Some Humphrey & Liles ancestry is historically traceable to Isle of Wight, Humphrey to Normandy - all to southern England, circa 1086.

DNA analysis can help us delineate these ancestries & pinpoint the Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor.

Recently confirmed/paper trail to Michael Humphrey's parents: Michael Humphrey (1577) & Martha Pride, married in Bridport, Dorset, July 4, 1615.

We're looking for surname Humphrey or Hue(s) from Honiton, Devon & proximity, and northern France: recent records in Lyme Regis, Dorset, and Honiton show aliasing of Humphry & Hues surnames, 1600 & afterwards. Our Michael of Lyme Regis was likely the son of Michael Humphry, 1577, Honiton, (alias Hues??)

We're currently very interested in members with surname Hue(s) (Hews, Hughes, ...) in northern France as well as England.

We began by verifying a paternity relationship with DNA results among relatives - back 10 generations to a 9th male cousin. Then more generally, we sought to identify Humphrey family lines & relationships in America & Europe. We include all historical spelling variations & other surnames with genetic lines tracing to common ancestors.

We also have members with surnames, Peet, Thomas, Roberts, Nelson, & Connolly who have matches close enough to indicate likely common ancestry with some other Humphrey members in the past 4-16 generations.

More information can be found at:

The graphs use the British Isles data of Capelli, et. al, and show distribution of several of our Humphrey haplotypes in the I1a, R1b, R1a, I1b haplogroups. Soon, I'll be identifying more of our specific haplotypes in these graphs, using our project kit ID#s, in addition to the current I1 lineages.

Data on a multi-surname project: Humphrey, Hue(s),Morton, Liles, Sutton, Thomas, Connolly,& Peet can be found in these web-pages.
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