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Falconberry, Falkenberg, Falkenberry, Faulkenberry, Faulkenbery, Faulkinbury, Fortanbary, Fortenberry, Valkenburg, Van Valkenburg
Our goal is to try and link or find the common ancestor to these families, Falkinburg, Falkenberry, Falconberry, Fortenberry and others with various spellings.

It is believed by many researchers that these families descended from Jacob Hendrick Falkinburg who came to America in the late 1600s. We hope to break down many brickwalls along the way. This is a chance to help ourselves and all the family researchers that follow us in the years to come. I am excited about our prospects and hope you will be too.
Project began in Feb 2004

We are attempting to find out if all Fortenberry,Faulkenberry and Falconberry families originated from the same ancestor. All three families originated in America in the NC and SC area. We are also attempting to prove if the the names derive from FAULKENBURG, FALCONBURG , FAKLKENBERG OR FAULKENBOURGH and to find out which country we originated from.

08-11-11 We are now seven years into the project.

We have proven through the DNA testing that The Fortenberry, Faulkenberry and Falconberry families do descend from a common ancestor. It is believed that we descend from Henry Jacob Faulkenburg and his first wife, daughter of Sinnick Broer but this has not been proved as of this date. We only have circumstantial evidence linking us to them but it is pretty strong evidence.


Big news and development in the DNA Project. We have a match with the Van Valkenburg family that came to America in 1643 from the Netherlands. Lambert Van Valkenburg appears to be our link to the Old World and our GGGGG Grandfather. He was born in 1614 in Netherlands and died in Albany NY. This is the news we have been waiting for! I thought it would come from the Falkenburg line from NJ but it does not appear we are related to that family. I am so happy to find the ancestor who was the first to come to America.  We will begin to try and find out which son we descend from. Most of the Van Valkenburgs stayed in the Albany NY area until the 1800's but one son broke away from the family in about 1700 and began his and our journey south. Here is a link


I am 99% sure we have found the family that migrated to VA and then to NC. It would be Henrick  born abt 1676 (Branch 2) grandson of Lambert Van Valkenburg. He has sons that are all named the same as the Falkenburgs found in VA. in 1730's and the ages all check out too. This family is not found in any of the church records after Isaac was baptized in 1731. Henrick is listed as Falkenburg at that time as was one of the witnesses, Jacob Falkenburg. The ages of the  children being christened are sometimes off a few years so this is most likely the Isaac Falkenburg(Falconberry) born abt 1725 that is in NC in the 1750's.


We now have two Van Valkenburg members in the project and expect to have one from The Netherlands to join soon. body
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