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Ira Marshall Owens
Birth: Nov 5 1869
Death: Nov 10 1951
Father: William Lewis Owens
Mother: Mary Ann Thornhill
Wife: Mary Alice Olivia Allen
Site: Windham and Related Families
John Owens
Wife: Betty Claire
Site: Weiss Web Site
James Owens
Birth: Oct 12 1906, Lauren. South Carolina
Death: June 4 1988, Dayton, Ohio
Burial: Dayton National Cemetary
Mother: Emma Owens
Wife: Edith Beale
Site: Sampson Beale Web Site
James Robert Owens
Birth: Jan 1 1891, Webb, Jasper, Missouri, United States
Contact Info: 1900, Webb Ward 3, Jasper, Missouri
Death: Sep 1980, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, United States of America
Father: Charles Campbell Owens
Mother: Ida May Boyd
Site: James C. Owens Web Site
Ira Lewis Owens
Birth: 1902
Death: 1930
Father: Ira Marshall Owens
Mother: Mary Alice Olivia Allen
Wife: Dixie Knippers
Site: Windham and Related Families
Henry Owens
Birth: May 2007
Death: Sep 2007
Father: <Private> Owens
Mother: <Private> Guymon
Site: Owens Web Site
M Ichael Owens
Birth: Feb 13 1859
Death: Dec 8 1943
Father: Bartholomew Owens
Mother: <Private> Armstrong
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Short
Site: Sleight Web Site
Henry H Owens
Birth: Feb 1 1844, Wales
Marriage: Nov 4 1867
Death: Mar 11 1911, Granville, New York
Burial: Granville, New York
Father: Henry Owens
Mother: Margaret
Wife: Winifred Ann (gwen) Griffith
Site: Beattie-Higgins Web Site
Henry Owens
Wife: <Private> Gregory
Site: Mom Tree Web Site
<Private> Owens