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Garry Galvin
Mar 7 2010 17:23


Bill Galvin

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of one of the most caring individuals ever to work in TAB – Bill Galvin. Bill slipped away peacefully late on Easter Sunday (12/4/09) finally succumbing to cancer which he had successfully beaten twice previously.

Not quite an “original” Bill joined TAB on 7th June 1965 managing a number of branches before his rapid promotion to Area Supervisor - a position he held, although renamed several times, until his unwilling retirement on 7th May 1989. (TAB policy then required staff to retire at 65). Bill argued chronological years should not determine when a person retires and he proved his point by working in the more physically arduous role of agents’ relief right up until September 2007 – another 18 years!

Bill has been a keen supporter of causes and a determined and often under-estimated organiser of people. He led by example when tasks had to be performed but had no difficulty cajoling others into providing support. Prior to his TAB days he was heavily involved in charity fund raising. This skill was later utilised in the TAB when he organised the Cyclone Tracy appeal, the Brisbane Flood appeal and many other events.

TAB management had taken the decision to hire a professional event organiser to stage a TAB Ten Year Anniversary Ball. However, this decision was, wisely, changed and Bill was released from his regular duties and organised what many regard as the best TAB Ball ever.

Even after his supposed retirement, he continued to involve himself in a range of activities that would daunt much younger people. He took over the running of the annual TAB re-union and ran this for 16 years. He worked for Legacy, was a driver of the Olympic officials charged with selecting the 2000 venue and continued his involvement right through to the actual Games. He organised a team of drivers for World Masters Tennis tournaments and then a huge team of drivers for events associated with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Always willing to help, he joined the hard working group that organised a most successful benefit night for Peter Brennan.

A non-drinker and non-smoker all his life, he enjoyed joining his mates at the local hotel for a lemon squash while he inhaled the sometimes thick smoke common in such venues.

Always a gentleman, he achieved much by quiet persuasion and sound argument. He mixed freely with people from all walks of life. If you went anywhere with Bill, you had to always allow extra time for discussion with all the people who knew him.

There would be many who have received direct or indirect assistance from Bill. Perhaps it was in the form of good advice, use of the facilities his fund raising had provided or just benefitting from the warmth of his friendship.

It is perhaps fitting that Bill’s final days were spent in St Joseph’s Hospice at Auburn – a facility which had benefitted from his charitable work.

Farewell Bill. There are no more like you.

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