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Changing of family trees

Hanne Waksvik Heen
Oct 31 2008 19:53

Hi everybody


I have today decided to make my family trees easier to visit.

Insted of having 3 different trees I only keep one who include both the branches for me and for my husband. It will be easier to find all the information in one tree and since we are related to each other much of the same information was on both trees. No I have everything in one place.

So I kindly ask all of you that have made changes in my tree before now take a look at the new one I put in today and make the same changes there one more time. Thank you very much for your help, and I'm sorry for the double work you have to do. But I guess this will be the best way to have it for all people wisiting here.

Now I will work on only one tree, and for a time now I will try to put in so many photos that I can. That is what I will try to work on the next weeks.

Best wishes from


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