Sheryl Reynolds
May 2 2009 13:53

Dear Collette I admire you very much you are my hero I know you get tired of me saying this. BUT it is true.

Why others may ask.

Well She has been working for years on family information for all of us to have.

Did she have to , NO!

Why is this important to me?

Well as a little girl I grew up loving to spend time with her as cousins do and now as I look back and see her life she hasn't had it easy. 

But she has many treasures though her daughter grandkids an son in-law,And wonderful husband! her family cousins, Aunts and uncles grandma and grandpas all watching her grow.

Friends loving her also.

She has cancer and her inter strenght has amazed us all.  Has she stopped running around getting information for us NO! Is it hard for her yes! Is she having the time of her life doing this and going to races with her wonderful husband getting auto graphs and helping children get the famous drives names also.  She hasn't stopped.  

I am struggling to keep up with her as she has just given me several cemeterys with tons of family I have to add to my information.

She has  and has given so much and I sit here wondering if I have given her as much as she has given me.  I love you collette....

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