Some Information on the Meikle Family as Compiled by Mrs Isabella (Belle) Riddle

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William Meikle had property at Whenuakite near what is known as Dalmeny Corner. He was also concerned with early timber milling under the Mercury Bay Timber Co (which was taken over by the Kauri Timber Company)


William Meikle’s & his wife (Grace Hook) had three sons

Arthur, Fred & David

Arthur managed Jackman’s store

He had three children, Douglas, Winnie & Bill

Fred had four children, Ross, Clyde, Bruce & Vera.

David had a store at Kuaotuna and later in Auckland


Fred was friendly with William Lee (Fred W Meikle was called after him)

Fred Meikle built Whitianga Interdenominational Church, using his own hand made nails.


Entries copied from official register:

William Meikle JP Engineer Died 8th February 1911

Born Leith, Scotland.

48 years in NZ

Buried Whitianga 9th February 1911

Headstone inscription:

‘In loving memory of Wm Meikle

Beloved husband of Grace Meikle

Who departed this life 8th February 1911

His ear was ever opened to the Lord’

Stonemason McNab & Mason


Jane Meikle aged 83 died 14th June 1891 at Kaitoke (buried Whitianga)

Born in Scotland 27 years in NZ

Jane & David Meikle were parents of Wm Meikle, Ellen (Thom)

Agnes (Brown), Janet (Henderson) (second marriage Cochrane)

and David (who was lost at sea) never married.


Angus & James Brown & five children came to NZ in the ‘Talbot’ sailing from London 2nd August arriving Auckland 22nd December 1864

141 days from London 163 passengers. Captain James.


On Ullcoats arriving 22nd January 1864 W Meikle & David & Jane Meikle

Also an R. Henderson


Reminiscences of Mrs David Henderson (nee Jane Brown) gives an account of the sailing in the Talbot.

‘The passage was a slow one because at time there were storms then into an area where they were becalmed.

To catch some wind the Captain set a more southerly course, but when ice bergs sighted they were lucky to escape’.


After living in Auckland for 9 months the Brown family came to Mercury Bay in the cutter Janet Grey and settled at the Upper Mill.

The Upper Mill had just been built by Schapp & Ansenne

Wm Meikle had been appointed Engineer and

James Brown, Blacksmith and second engineer.


John & Ellen Thom were at the mill to greet the Brown family.

When Wm Meikle’s young lady (Grace Hook) came from England to marry him, a nice house was built on the hillside.

When the bridal couple arrived from Auckland an archway was erected at the wharf & a social dinner prepared in the Mill Kitchen.

The Maoris in the area were invited to a feast the next day.


Data obtained from Mrs Alf Simpson:


Meikle Family of 1897


References in brief:


William Meikle of Mercury Bay enquiring by what authority the council constructed a road through his property. March 19th 1897


Councillor Meikle: Specifications may also be seen at the store of Councillor

Meikle, Kauotuna June 2nd 1897


Wm. Meikle Appointed justice of the Peace, June 24th 1897


Messrs Meikle &  Moniarty stating they had received 22.10 pounds only,

of the 50 pounds as voted by the government.


Councillor Meikle:

Council meeting held at Kuaotunu Present:

Mr McFarlane (Chair)






Councillor David Meikle: Coromandel County Council, calling for nominations to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of

Councillor David Meikle: November 29th 1897


C.H. Bennett & W Meikle Snr, directing the attention of the Minister to the necessity of a policeman & a lock-up at Kuaotunu


David Meikle of Kuaotunu re sale of his business (Grocery & Drapery, ironmongery etc) October 11th 1897


Extracts from a book on Pollok Settlement published 1970


Thomas, William & David Meikle were brothers who worked as engineers in Kauri Mills at Mercury Bay on the Coromandel Peninsula but

later took up land at Pollok


William & David were granted land jointly with Thomas Cochrane ,however they do not seem to have stayed long in the area.


Thomas Meikle was the Grandfather of Jack Meikle of Pollok (now deceased) & the family is the one still farming on the original grant of land.


“Thomas Cochrane met & married a Mrs Henderson, a widow with two boys, who was a daughter of Mr David Meikle & a niece of Mr Thomas Meikle”


Thomas Meikle & his wife came to NZ on the ship

“Queen of the North” in 1862



John & Ellen Thom came to NZ on the ship ‘Ida Zeigler’ (most likely in 1864)

When ‘Ida Ziegler’ was later wrecked off Napier, one of her cables was used on the Mill Booms.


Wm Meikle was appointed as an engineer to a James Dundas (reputed to be Sir James) somewhere around Leith or Edinburgh

In a testimonial given him at the end of his time, James Dundas mentions that William “was for many years long in my family as a boy”

There is a Dundas Castle in the vicinity Queensferry

There is a place called Dalmeny also (hence the name given to his property in Whenuakite)


Copy of a letter written by William Meikle (probably the son of William Meikle and Mary Bryce)




Bombay 24th August 1862


Dear Mother


I take this opportunity of writing to you hoping this will find you well as it leaves me but very poorly. I took bad the day after I wrote my last letter with the dysentery and have been very bad, but I am getting all right again, but I am still very weak – you would not know me now – you might see through me now. The Captain has been very kind, he would not let me go to hospital but attended me himself like a brother. We sail for Manila on the 26th. I shall write again from Manila and let you know whether we are coming to London or Liverpool. I should like to go to London to see my new friends, but I expect it will be Liverpool. I was out of my mind for a week and I was at home all the time , but thank God I am all right now. I only want feeding up now. I should like to be at home now to get plenty of good milk  - what you cannot get here. I think you may be looking out for me about the 1st of April. I must conclude for I am getting tired. Give my love to Maggie and Mary & cozen Ellen & John & Tom.


Kind love to Aunt Jane & Uncle David not forgetting Uncle William.


So remember me to all my friends. Write soon & let me know how you are getting on. So no more dear Mother  from you affectionate son


William Meikle












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