Who Was Eliza McDonald?

Judith McDonald Pidgeon
June 15 2008 14:40

As I was organizing my book shelf I came across a very interesting book. I think I must have retrieved it from Dad's. It is tiltled THE  SWORD AND THE TROWEL, A RECORD, Combat with Sin and of Labour for the Lord.  Edited by C. H. Spurgeon and published in London in 1882. It appears to be an annual record of some religious group but is an average hard cover book Behaps some sect that had more too much money on their hands. On the back cover was written in childish handwriting and pencil was LauraMcDonald. That is something we as children often did when we played school with Dad's book or maybe Aunt Laura wrote it. Inside the book I discovered a small chit that reads:  The Methodist Church, Quarterly Tickets for August 1987, Breathern pray for us. - 1 thess. 5:25, Pray without ceasing. -  1 Thess. 5:17. Below that in hand writing is the name Eliza McDonald and the initials WCJ. So my question is, who is Eliza McDonald?

 Judy Pidgeon

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