Welcome! to Claire McDonald and her husband Gary McDonald

Keith Ronald McDonald
Dec 2 2008 08:42

Claire wrote-

"My husband is a descendant of William McDonald and Frances Robinson who married in Argenteuil in 1827."  ...."I found William and Frances in an agricultural census in Stanley, Manitoba in 1850 where son Samuel was born.  Then in 1870 they are in Hartland, Pierce Co, Wisconsin, where they lived until their deaths.  From childrens’ birth places, it looks like they moved to WI in 1867/68.  All before that were born in Canada, all 2 year olds were born in WI."

Thanks for contributing more accurate info on the William McDonald branch. We believe that William's brother John moved to Vermont USA, but so far we have no contact with his branch. It is great to have you with us, claire.

best regards, keith

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