Ed's Welcome Home Party

Judith McDonald Pidgeon
June 15 2008 15:02

Sat. ,June 14 there was a large gathering at Ed and Beth Carter's home to celebrate his safe return from Afghanistan. He had volunteered to do a one year stint as a heavy machinery mechanic. In other words he kept the tanks etc in good running order. It was not fun and it was not easy, but he wanted do his part. The party comprised work colleagues, neighbours and family. Myrna and Lee Tomalty and their gang were there as well as my crew. The little ones had great fun in the pool. Lee and Ed cooked up heaping batches of hamburgers and hot dogs. Beth and her family supplied the lovely salads and desserts. Ed modeled his very heavy bullit proof vest and helmet for us. Several other folks including my daughter Anne got her picture taken in it.

For those who don't know Ed is my half brother. His parents were Iona Woods McDonald Carter and Red Carter.


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