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About our family tree

Welcome to our Community tree!

Nandita Mudbidri manages this Web site. Mr Sudhir Moodbidri is the Mentor and Guide for this Project. Rajesh Haldipur is the sponsor for this project

The primary purpose of this initiative is to record and capture details of the whole Chitrapur Saraswat community across as many generations as possible.  If you wish to contribute genealogy information or send your feedback, please contact me here.

You are also invited to sign the guestbook. Thank you for visiting!

About our family

Please take a look at this Community tree of the Chitrapur Saraswat Community. We have published online the information we have got so far. You have to register to view the tree, but if you are interested in the community, we assure you it will be worth it. The information (names, relationships, dates) and photographic archives contained on this site already exceeds by far the collection of any single family. 

We now have close to 150 big families traced upto at least 7 generations from the latest generation; and over 300 families well represented, with over 20 persons from the family already on the Tree. We are progressively and aggressively expanding the scope of this project at the rate of well over 1500 individuals every month.

Missing pieces

We request you all to email us at the following to enrich the family tree:

·         Family photographs (whether individual or group) with names of persons figuring in them

·         Email IDs, addresses or even partial details of current location

·         Dates (or approximate year/month) of birth, marriage, death of any person figuring in the tree curently, and names of those shown as “Unknown

·         Missing persons, names and dates of birth, marriage, death of such persons, especially from the female descendants in the family and from the 8th generation

·         Correction of any inaccuracies