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Christoph Schwass - Anna Warig _ Sophia Ziems
FTBEnglish5,713Sep 19 2014 04:58
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Hagen - Trimble _ Ricketts - Baker
FTBEnglish3,383Sep 11 2014 00:19
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John Cross - Mary Gardiner
FTBEnglish2,872Sep 11 2014 03:41
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Richard Giblin - Isabella
FTBEnglish1,246Sep 11 2014 00:17
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Ross - Woodgate _ Heberley - Te Naihi
FTBEnglish2,560Sep 11 2014 04:47
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Thomas Hart - Frances Jackson
FTBEnglish4,380Sep 18 2014 04:55
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My name is Michael Giblin and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
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About our family
Main Families named arrived in Nelson, New Zealand Between 1841 and 1850 from United Kingdom and Germany.