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About our family tree

Welcome to our family tree!

My name is qbuster and I am the Webmaster of this Web site.

My genealogy on this site has been compiled by my brother John and I and is focused on the families of our parents, the Chapmans who were originally from Cornwall but settled mostly around Derby and the Websters who originated in Norfolk but now are largely based in Yorkshire. Through the process of marriage, many other family names have become involved and the most common in the tree are COLLISONPARKERNEALESCHOLESBURTON and we have managed to find many distant cousins in many parts of the world as a result of our continued research.

 If you wish to contribute genealogy information or send your feedback, please contact me here.
If you find you are related to us, please let us know or at least sign the guestbook. Thank you for visiting!

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About our family

This tree takes root primarily from the marriage of Will Chapman (b1906) to Hilda Webster (b1910).

Will and Hilda had two sons, William (b1937) and John (b1942) who now have their own familes who in turn have their own tree branches; these are entered where known but most of the tree concerns itself with tracing the ancestral trees back in time from Will & Hilda.

Will's line, the Chapmans, orginated in Cornwall whilst Hilda's, the Websters, took root on the other side of the country in Norfolk. Fascinating in itself how quickly the two families on opposite sides of the country came together; reflecting the progress of the industrial revolution no doubt. The tree paints a story of many hardships, orphans and workhouses but also some early successes. By and large, it is encouraging to note that whilst we came from very working class roots, the current generation is largely middle class and it seems the norm now to have higher education of some form.

In the process, starting in England and Scotland, we now have cousins in many parts of the world, as far apart as Europe, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa and the USA & Canada.

At the top of the tree - which goes back 13 generations to 1450 - we have a handful of great grandparents who have spawned almost 7,000 named individuals and we hope this tree will encourage other relatives to add their  details. There must be many more cousins to find.


Missing pieces
Whilst we have got back to 1450 on part of our mother's side, and 1620 on our paternal great x 3 grandmother's side, our biggest disappointment is that we can't find the parents of our 3 x great grandfather, Robert Chapman. All we know is that he was born 1811, in Cornwall or possibly Devon and died prematurely in Tavistock at the age of 32.