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My name is Mary Waldo and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: KenworthyDillonLampKounsCookIf you wish to contribute genealogy information or send your feedback, please contact me here.
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About our family
I know very little about my family history, I would very much like to know more about them. I know my dad James Elmer Koonce was raised by his grandfather, John Wheeler Koonce.  My dads father was Henry Levi and his mother was Dora Fenner... This has been a very interesting journey back in time, trying to discover all of the happenings of my ancestors, from coming over from Germany on a boat, to fighting in wars and being lawmen and outlaws in the wild west.... If anyone has any stories to tell I would appreciate reading about them..........
Missing pieces
My 6th Great grandfather back, Christian Kouns, b. 1759    and  married to Anna Lamp    is a complete mystery. Does anybody know who his parents were.... He was born in Rockingham Co. VA.