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About our family tree
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My name is Sandra Hass and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: Crossan, Kjergaard, Reid, Duus, Clausen, Matheson, McDonald, Larson,  McClelland, McCullagh, Ferguson, Farr;  Hass, Rosenberger, Ballin, Schmidt,  Pioch, Geigler, Adam, Althaus, Siebenhausen, Mauch, Eggert.
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About our family
The various branches of our family come from several different countries. My ancestry comes from southern Jutland in Denmark, Skaraborg in Sweden, Antrim, Derry and Tyrone in Northern Ireland and Inverness-shire in Scotland. My husband's family comes from Hessen, Mecklenburg, Hannover and Wurttemburg in Germany and northern Poland. After emigration to Australia, my families settled in the Rockhampton district of Central Queensland, and Brisbane. Some also went to New Zealand. My husband's family settled mainly on the Darling Downs in Southern Queensland.
Missing pieces
I cannot find where in Hessen, Germany, our Rosenberger ancestors came from. The possibilities are the Kassel area and the Niederzell area. The first Rosenberger (Georg) to come to Australia married a widow, Caroline Mauch, from Feuerbach, Wurttemburg, in Sydney in 1855, then came to Queensland. On the marriage certificate, his birthplace is stated as Germany. On his eldest child's birth certificate, his birthplace is Kurhessen, Germany. His parents are according to the Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages were Henry Rosenberger and Caroline Riffer.