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Allen to Evans
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Fox and Clarke
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Fox Family Tree
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About our family tree
Welcome to our family tree!

My name is Pamela Fox and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: Clarke, Cowan, Cullen, Donaldson, Forfar, Lea, Fox, Haynes, Popham, Hamilton, Evans, Singleton, Harris, McDonald, James, Headley,  White,Boothey, Downton,Meehan,Matthews and Jowett Montgomery.  These are the most popular last names in my  family treeIf you wish to contribute genealogy information or send your feedback, please contact me here.
Thank you for visiting!
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About our family

My family came from England Scotland Northern Ireland  and Southern Ireland 

The first to arrive was Jonas Haynes on the 25 October 1850 on the Heshmay, the second convict ship to Fremantle Western Australia. The arrival of his wife between 1852 and 1854 has not been easy to trace.  

John and Jane Cullen with their young son William Morrison arrived at Port Adelaide in1854, they moved to the Victorian Goldfieldss 

Thomas and Janet Donaldson along with their daughters arrived at Port Melbourne on 3 January 1853. All their sons died in a young age