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My name is Geraldine Shoup and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
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My Great-great-grandmother Liza Brown is said to be Cherokee, with the gift of healing and sight.  I would like any information that proves this fact.  I remember seeing this information in my Grandmother Leona Grace Adleman Shoupe's family bible,but the bible disappeared after her death in 1967. I have some of her traits.

My husband Paul Autry Ringgold has a very prestigous family.  His family is in the History books.  His ancestors were givin the whole of the Chesopeake Bay when they came to America in the 1500's.  It is said that his family are desecidents of President Madison and several Generals, Ambassadors, Statemans, Admirals, writers, and supposedly the original family home was sold to President Jackson after it was rebuild several times from Indian attacks on the home.  It is said his original Ringgold ancestor help to write the constitution of Massachucetts colony.  This is documented in the library on the pages of several enteries on Ringgold.  His father Paul L. Ringgold was born in Mena, Ark. and the Titsworths from that area.

Missing pieces
Any one  who can help me in my search for Eliza Brown and her original Cherokee name and her family would be greatly appreciated.  I am 69 and want to prove that what I have been told as a child, that I have Cherokee blood running through my vains, before I leave this earth.  She was from the Kentucky area and was buried in Missourie at the Oldfield Cemetary. She liked to smoke a corn-cob pipe while rocking in her rocking chair on her porch, she could look quite fierce at times, but was gentle when you took the time to listen she had a gental soul