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About our family tree
Welcome to our family tree!

My name is Raymond Mihaere and I am the Site manager of this Web site.
My genealogy research is focused on the following families: WhaangaMihaereHaberfieldStevensonKaaIf you wish to contribute genealogy information or send your feedback, please contact me here.
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About our family

This Family Tree is based on the Marriage of Davis Rewiti MIHAERE to Mere (Mello) WHAANGA.

Mere's Whaanga lineage is well documented it shows her direct to the Urepakaha Dynasty from the Takitimu Canoe from her biological fathers line.  Through thie line she is linked to Kahungunu, Ngai Tahu, Rakaipaaka and Ngati Porou.  Mere's mothers lineage through Te Waata Taunoa shows links into Tuhoe, Ngai Tamanuhiri and Ngati Porou.  This links Mere to Iwitea her grandfather Tihi's marae, Her Great Grandfather Epanaia Whaangas Marae in Nuhaka and through her great great grandfather Ihaka the associated marae in Mahia and Nuhaka.  Through Epanaias Wife Hariata Hoana Rutene is our link to Whangara.  Through the Taunoa lines we are linked to Frasertown, Tangoio, Lake Waikaremoana, Muriwai and Tokomaru Bay.

From Davis we are linked to his father Whati who lived in Tangoio and Bridge Pa until Whati met and married Nanny Lena or Ngete Rewiti.  It is from her that we get our links into the Reweti's/Whakaware/Browns form Muriwai and Manatuke.  From her we also get our links into the Paewai and Wharekiri whakapapa whch connects us to Dannevirke.  In Danniverke because Davis Grandmother Emaraina had a number of husbands after Hamiora Rewiti I now understand how we were related to aunty Christine & Rongo Enoka and Aunty Jacko Marsh.      

Missing pieces

The parts to fill in are:

The Taunoa Line from Mere's Mother Kere TAUNOA

The Reweti/Whakaware/Brown Line

The Kahukura/Ropiha line

The Mihaere/Ihakara line in Otorohanga